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What's In Your Sales Arsenal?

August 28, 2014

Getting sales requires good salespeople, although when it comes to making an effective plan, the right tools are needed in their toolboxes to tackle the sales battle. What makes up a powerful arsenal for salespeople to use to make the best of calls?

The quality of sales from your business directly affects the success or failure of your company overall. You can invest a large sum of money into the best sales professionals, but if the tools are sub-par or absent, you will see minimal results, if any.

ISI Telemanagement Solutions (News - Alert) highlighted what it takes to make sales calls effective, taking a deeper look into the very things that “kill” a call. According to a recent blog post, “…it will take a lot more than one word to win them over.”

There are the tried and true methods of interpersonal communication, like improving your own voice to using proper grammar, but beyond basic skills, sales can get a big boost from using technology tools that can help complete the sales package. Take for example call recording. As anyone who’s called into a contact center may know, call recording technology provides customers with an outlet to give feedback, both positive and negative, as well as save it “on the record”—so to speak.

Call recording can offer a lot of data to provide deeper insight, which in turn allows companies to more effectively improve upon business functions, customer sales and overall efficiency.

Using data from recorded calls can give managers an idea of how sales calls are going? Are the salesforce using proper interpersonal skills? Are you missing out on a potential sale? Is the latest marketing campaign really working for you? Are you getting actual leads from advertising? What is the competition like? What does your customer have to say?

Beyond recorded calls, even call accounting software is a powerful tool that can ensure your sales calls are good ones. Improving employee productivity, lowering costs, and tracking marketing campaigns are important functions of any good sales organization. By using call accounting software, your business can track sales call information in real-time, allowing managers to make informative decisions when it really matters.

Businesses thrive on their revenue streams, but the revenue doesn’t just come from nowhere. If it’s a service or a product, no matter what you do, your revenue counts on the customer. What tools are your salesforce using to reach the customer effectively? 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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