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Why Call Accounting Makes Sense in Healthcare

April 05, 2016

Communications in the healthcare realm are changing – for the better. With access to cloud-based and mobile technologies, we can see the future of consulting with a physician through video conferencing is here. That means instant access for patients, shorter lines in the waiting room and the ability to serve more patients in a shorter amount of time.

It also means a change to the way healthcare organizations are managing telecommunications spend. While online options are making it easier and less expensive, there’s also a bigger demand for a robust call accounting solution in place. It provides the bean counters with access to the tools they need to stay on top of spending, while also providing departments with analytics that demonstrate use across different platforms.

Call accounting solutions provider, ISI Telemanagement Solutions (News - Alert) recently posted a blog on the topic, pointing out that in the U.S., more than 15 million people will be treated through telemedicine this year. Leading the push in this direction are large organizations such as United Health Group and Walgreens. All of this is possible thanks to the capabilities offered through Unified Communications (News - Alert) technologies, but each channel has to also include the highest security and compliance measures.

While healthcare organizations and patients alike are benefitting from access to new avenues of communications, there are still stringent HIPAA requirements that demand strict compliance. Transmitting vital patient records over public connections can put the parties at risk, especially if the healthcare organization hasn’t taken the proper steps toward protecting health information. This is especially important if the interactions are going to be recorded for later use by medical professionals or for the patient to share with another physician.

It does help to partner with proven providers who are already versed in HIPAA regulations and telecommunications innovations. One ISI partner, Verba Technologies, offers Collaboration Recording that enables call recordings to be portioned and stored on protected servers. This keeps the information away from mobile devices that have the potential to be stolen, maintaining the privacy and protection you’re expected to deliver, while still delivering the call capture you need.

Call accounting ensures that the different departments within the healthcare organization understand where communications costs are occurring. This not only assists with the distribution of costs according to department, it also helps to identify areas where overspending or abuse may be occurring. This helps to streamline spending, keep users accountable and costs completely transparent. In doing so, the organization is on track to greater efficiency while delivering a better experience for all patients.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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