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UC Expansion in Europe to Drive Demand for Call Accounting

June 21, 2016

Communications is a key part of doing business, which means it’s also a key cost. The number of channels in use and the need for integration continues to drive focus towards new innovations and the potential for adoption. It also continues to create a need for call accounting solutions to help streamline the technologies in place so as to control costs and eliminate unnecessary services.

In Europe, growth in the Unified Communications (News - Alert) as a Service (UCaaS) market is set for growth in the next four years as enterprises adopt the technology they need to enable rich communication experiences and enhanced technologies.

At the same time, companies are feeling the pressure to stay connected, no matter the activities of the individual. While the mobile professional was typically the sales rep or field technician, today’s professional may be on the move simply due to changing market demands. As such, mobile technologies have to be in place to ensure the individual can stay connected to the resources needed to be successful.

With this growing demand for mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies, companies are increasingly integrating Unified Communications (UC) solutions with mobile devices owned by individual employees. Companies are also increasingly demanding integration with UC&C solutions, continuing to add to the mobility benefits associated with UC solutions. When these solutions are in place, companies are able to leverage the productivity of employees by significantly changing the way the workforce communicates and collaborates.

It also helps that third-party app developers are creating mobile UC clients based on Session Internet Protocol (SIP). With these applications, businesses that need to optimize their communications with UC technology that does not support native mobile clients. Instead, this approach helps to facilitate basic functions, helping to continue to add value to the UC market overall.

More importantly, it’s critical that UC&C takes place over an efficient cellular network or organizational wireless network. To ensure these networks are delivering as expected when it comes to communications, organizations are putting call accounting solutions in place. The processes involved with this kind of technology forces an in-depth look into current technology, contracts, network operations and more to identify unused devices, unnecessary contracts and even communications abuse to help put a better approach in place.

As companies continue to explore and expand into additional communications functionality, the need for call accounting solutions will continue to grow to ensure the proper use and controlled spending as functionality increases.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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