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People-based Analytics & UC: What's it All About?

September 27, 2016

People-based analytics is the use of data to drive organizational talent and management. It’s become an important factor in most businesses’ HR arsenal and the overall corporate landscape. With the right data, it’s possible to better understand how to address employee needs, improve compensation accuracy and how to maintain retention.

Add to this important element the use of UC systems in most businesses today, and there is another mechanism to gain even more insights from.

That’s the topic of an upcoming webinar hosted by ISI (News - Alert) called, “How People-based Analytics is Transforming the Way Business Line Managers Make Organizational Decisions.” Happening on Oct. 6 at 11 a.m. CST, the webinar will feature ISI’s Microsoft (News - Alert) Practice Director Tony Rosselli to talk about the available options in today’s Unified Communications (UC) solutions for providing insights into productivity and activity on the employee level, across diverse modalities.

HR departments are tasked with some of the most important things a business must do: Keep and satisfy employees. It makes sense then that analytics and data be used intelligently to make sure this is happening. And not just data about the reasons most people are unhappy and leaving their jobs. But data on how and why to fix it.

This is especially important as UC solutions take over the corporate world and more and more people are having conversations via email, text and over the phone. Monitoring and analyzing these calls will give you data- but it’s important that companies implement the proper analytics solutions alongside them to extract actionable data and turn it into insights for improving overall operations.

Rosselli will also present two case studies to show the benefits that can be achieved by implementing people-based analytics in two distinctly different organizations. REGISTER HERE.

Edited by Alicia Young

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