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Call Accounting Software Helps Retailers Succeed

December 01, 2016

While every retailer wants to make sure that customers can get in touch with them as easily as possible, telecommunications budgets aren’t infinite, so many retailers have to walk a fine line between keeping enough telecom assets and not breaking the budget. Call accounting and reporting solutions can go a long way toward helping retailers manage and monitor their telecom and network assets to ensure they’re not wasting money or overspending.

“By implementing reporting tools focused on business intelligence reports, retail organizations can effectively manage their support staff, track abandoned and transferred calls, and ensure customer confidence and satisfaction,” according to ISI Telemanagement Solutions Inc.

Call abandons are one of the biggest problems in retail. A customer has called to ask a question or do some research before a purchase, but a long wait has led him or her to hang up. Each abandoned call may represent an abandoned purchase. Rack up too many of these, and then you may be thwarting your company’s bottom line. Call accounting solutions can track abandoned calls and provides ring-time summaries, ring-time detail, and daily or weekly metrics to show the level of responsiveness when a person is answering the phone.

There’s another benefit to call accounting in this scenario: it can actually help the retailer recover the call and the customer by providing dialed number identification, which allows the retailer to capture the phone number on an abandoned call and return the customer’s call.

Another common frustration for customers is the inability to reach the right person or department. Most people lose patience when their call has been transferred too many times (and they have to explain their reason for calling over and over again). Using call accounting, retailers can track transfers and discover the reasons for them so they can lower their rate of transfers. Many solutions offer features such as call redirection details and call redirection by hour. Reports are designed to identify calls that were forwarded to either voicemail or another extension.

“The transferred calls detail report groups the transferred call record logs together to present a complete picture of each transferred call,” according to ISI (News - Alert). “The report can show where a customer call originated, where it was transferred to, and whether the transferred call was answered. The Transferred Calls Summary report provides an overview of transferred call activity at the extension level, user level, or any of the four successive organizational levels based upon user preference.”

Finally, a good call accounting solution can help retailers – who often have more than one location – to allocate their telecom resources between different stores or offices. Manual call accounting processes can be a time-consuming nightmare for a single telecom system. Call accounting software offers reporting capabilities that can identify which telecom costs should be billed to which franchise.

Best of all, call accounting software can make audits a breeze, and spot any misuse of telecom resources. Communications are a significant chunk of any retailer’s budget today: ensuring proper use and allocation is mandatory for retail success. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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