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Call Accounting Big Part of 2017

December 16, 2016

There are still some businesses out there that haven't considered call accounting and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) systems, sufficiently so that some are wondering if 2017 will be the year that UCaaS finally goes “mainstream.” For those who haven't thought about adding these systems into everyday operations, there are several good reasons to do so, and here's why you should be thinking about UCaaS and call accounting in 2017.

Many have found gains in employee productivity. While productivity always has something of a maximum, small refinements can often get a little more out of what's already being done by trimming waste and streamlining processes. UC tools do a great job here by consolidating communications functions and preventing time loss in switching from one app to another. Workforce flexibility, and the driving of a mobile workforce, is another big reason to push for UC in giving workers the ability to work wherever and whenever works best. Throw in a better customer experience with greater chance of repeat business and the improved productivity and profitability angle speaks for itself.

Improvements in the workforce are just a start, as UC tools can boost cost control operations and provide a better return for the business' investment.  When there's no need to support individual tools anymore, there's a cost savings involved with that as well. It's even possible to lower physical plant expenses by using UC and call accounting tools to drive a mobile workforce and reduce the amount of office space needed to run the operation. There's also a significant boost to collaboration, which can mean extra growth and innovation from that interpersonal connection and brainstorming. Finally, it can be easier to manage such operations, which reduces costs further and improves organizational morale.

There's a lot of benefit in using UC tools, and call accounting tools can help still further by keeping costs down and spotting potential fraud and misuse of the system. It would be good enough if these tools only lowered expenses or only improved potential profitability. When a system can do both of these things at the same time, that means a lot of value potentially afoot; it's working both sides of the profitability equation at the same time, and in the right direction.

While many are hoping for a positive economic change to hit in 2017 with the arrival of President Trump, it's not just a change of president that makes such things happen. The judicious use of UC and call accounting tools can make all the difference, so if you're not already, consider bringing these in.

Edited by Alicia Young

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