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UC Solutions are Transforming the Way Business is Conducted

December 26, 2016

Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) are a vital part of the omni-channel way organizations are communicating, both internally and externally. Supporting and embracing a broad scope of technologies and solutions, UC facilitates mobility, efficiency, productivity and cost savings, not to mention improved collaboration and a better customer experience.

But while UC may seem like a panacea from a customer services and technology perspective, organizations often overlook one of its greatest benefits as a key tool for streamlining operations and back-office applications and solutions. Too often, businesses are plagued by disparate and incompatible applications and solutions, for communicating and beyond. This creates complexity and headaches, particularly when it comes to billing and call accounting and reporting. A streamlined UC offering simplifies the web of stand-alone offerings that could potentially spiral out of control, seamlessly uniting call accounting and reporting functions across a broad range of areas.

The recent “Human Capital Trends Report for South Africa 2016” from Deloitte (News - Alert) offers insight on the business transformation taking place in businesses throughout the world. Deloitte found that companies are undergoing an evolution, moving away from traditional business models to a system of flexible but interconnected networks with a focus on agility and an improved customer experience. This transformation is born out of necessity, as the workplace becomes increasingly mobile and companies need to work with huge amounts of data. UC is a key part of this broader omni-channel approach to conducting business.

UC&C is playing an increasingly large part in this transformation, changing the role of the traditional “back” office in a number of ways. Not only do UC solutions negate the need for a physical back office, as workers can do their jobs virtually anywhere in the world while staying connected, but they also streamline back-office functionality, simplifying and automating previously complex tasks like call accounting and reporting. UC solutions are set to grow exponentially and will play a pivotal role in the way organizations conduct business and communicate internally and externally.

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