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The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model offers a number of advantages for startup companies looking for all the features of a comprehensive unified communications (UC) solution.

The more information you have about your telecom usage, the more effectively you can evaluate the behavior of your employees, customers and prospects, and change that behavior to improve outcomes.

Call accounting systems need to be a part of the picture to get the most from healthcare's big data analytics projects.

Call recording and other call accounting tools have taken on a new value in healthcare settings, with the old worries gone.

Call accounting solutions provider ISI Telemanagement Solutions, Inc. recently announced that the company is launching a new MediaSense Investment Protection Program for Cisco MediaSense customers who are affected by the solutions' end-of…

ISI Telemanagement prepares session at Cisco Live to discuss the value of call accounting.

Call accounting and telecom expense management (TEM) are important solutions for managing communications services. When used together, they offer a host of advantages for businesses across all vertical markets.

If your contact center is spending too much money to meet minimal standards, it's time to spend some money. The best possible place to spend it is in the investment of a good workforce optimization solution that can help …

A comparatively new technology, call accounting, also known as call logging, is offering users some interesting new ways to cut costs and get ahead.

ISI Telemanagement's new Infortel Service Pack 6209 offers an array of new changes for better call accounting and more.

Call accounting allows users to face and beat several major challenges to call center operations, notes a report from PBXDom.

What is call accounting? How can a business best use it? A new report from PBXDom offers useful insights.

One of the most recent companies to introduce call accounting to its overall system is Naples Grande Beach Resort.

A good call accounting solution enables organizations to extensively measure and monitor employee productivity. Managers can view metrics based on hours, days, or weeks, or can review call handling summary reports based on hourly data.

Organizations deploying UCC solutions need to take advantage of monitoring and management tools to realize reduced cost savings. Failure to do so can actually result in a rise in operations costs.

In an environment that is continually seeking to keep a lid on labor costs, workforce optimization is one of the best methods a contact center can use to ensure that efforts aren't wasted or duplicated, workers are performing to …

A new report from Mitel shows that call accounting and other measures can bring major savings to corporate communications.

According to Frost & Sullivan, technologies like AI and predictive analytics could soon be playing a big part in the success of universities.

Customer experience is the key to competitive differentiation in today's omnichannel services economy. Ensuring contact center agents are properly trained, staffed and challenged is vital to customer interaction success.

The enterprise collaboration market is growing exponentially and becoming a major part of today's business communications solutions.

UC solutions offer a host of features and flexibility, but they are only as reliable and consistent as the networks they ride on. Service providers and network operators can distinguish themselves by using monitoring tools to ensure busin…

Communications activity records contain valuable data that, when analyzed and managed, can help improve patient care, streamline operations and reduce costs for healthcare organizations.

Collaborative call accounting solutions are giving healthcare providers the functionality and flexibility they need to practice medicine in the twenty-first century.

Ideally, companies that must remain compliant with SEC telecom archiving rules should look for a call accounting system that operates robustly in the background, eliminating the need to fiddle with the recording system on a regular basis.

Since many organizations are called upon to regulate their telecom usage, at least in part, according to federal law (think financial services and healthcare), companies shopping for a call accounting solution should look into a feature c…

Contextual collaboration software is becoming increasingly popular due to the rise in the mobile workforce.

The Write Once Read Many (WORM) mandate is shaking up the way call accounting is handled; what should you know about this new system?

Call accounting solutions provider ISI Telemanagement is a sponsoring partner of the upcoming Geekfest event in Nashville, TN, and will be present at a dedicated booth during the event.

Startups and small businesses can get all the features and functionality of an on-premises UC system at a low price point by choosing a SaaS offering.

Unified Communications (UC) solutions and services are changing and evolving to keep pace with the digital transformation and consumer demands.

Call accounting and management solutions are becoming more comprehensive and flexible to keep pace with the digital transformation and a growing number of communication and collaboration solutions.

Call accounting, like any other accounting, depends heavily on having the right source material to derive accurate representations of what calls are being made and the circumstances around these calls. Thus, a system like ISI's, which off…

Third-party integrations in UC solutions can help IT departments monitor quality in an enterprise's telecom environment. Unified communications reporting, which is often a feature of call accounting solutions, can help companies monitor t…

When properly integrated with back-end applications and systems for call accounting and management, videoconferencing and UC services can enable tremendous business benefits.

Video is gaining traction in the financial services market thanks to the broad range of benefits it offers at a relatively low price point.

Most healthcare providers fail to utilize their unified communications offerings to their full potential over compliance and recording fears. By using the proper tools, providers can take advantage of their solutions and ultimately improv…

Call accounting solutions provider ISI will be in attendance at the upcoming NWN Kickoff 2017 event showing off its UC and reporting tools and why they make the perfect compliment for a company's communications needs.

2017 is off and running; here's how call accounting and other technology may factor into the year ahead.

ISI Telemanagement Solutions has updated its Infortel Select Traffic Analysis Reporting Solution with an improved interface and easily customizable reporting options for call accounting.

Without the ability to monitor usage and report, a call accounting solution can't help a company understand where user issues are arising, and these issues may be negatively affecting a number of processes - customer satisfaction and empl…

The phone number is playing an increasingly valuable and important role in enterprise communications, offering critical data and call accounting metrics to businesses.

With the complexity of most organizations' IT needs on the rise, it's critical that companies not only beef up their call and network accounting, but make sure it's adapted to the way employees work today.

UC&C solutions are a pivotal part of the business transformation that is underway. Facilitating mobility, productivity and efficiency, they are transforming the front and back office and streamlining tasks like call accounting and reporti…

An announcement from earlier this month talks about some of the key drivers of UC&C, the players in this space, the product categories and subcategories, and more.

Businesses need to consider call accounting and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) systems in 2017; here's why.

Call accounting systems and UCaaS work together to give millennials the tools needed and desired at work.

UC solutions like videoconferencing, IM and call accounting will continue to be on trend in the upcoming year according to the latest predictions from Panasonic.

Making a move to the cloud for call accounting doesn't have to be an all or nothing proposition. Instead, develop a hybrid plan that meets the needs of the organization.

Call accounting and reporting solutions can go a long way toward helping retailers manage and monitor their telecom and network assets to ensure they're not wasting money or overspending.

Infortel Select call accounting solution offers the right tools to ensure employees maintain productivity when using smart devices.

U.S. public and private sector employees use technology similarly, according to a new survey from Nintex. Both sectors believe workforce automation, productivity and collaboration solutions are vital to getting work done.

Call accounting activities have the potential to streamline with the focus shifting from devices to experiences. Employees within the enterprise want continuous communications outside of email.

ISI is sponsoring and attending Dimension Data's FY 17 Annual Conference this week in Orlando, Florida, where it will highlight its solutions for call accounting, traffic analytics and more.

Call accounting gets a boost from ISI's enhanced reporting capabilities for data, team and contact center application reporting.

New studies project the market for unified communications will clear $143 billion by 2024, meaning big things for call accounting.

Today, businesses are becoming increasingly attracted to business voice over IP (VoIP) as a way of saving money. Enterprise VoIP's low maintenance costs coupled with higher flexibility and better feature sets are appealing to businesses o…

Productivity in the workplace means different things to different people. Therefore, the means to accomplish productivity goals can also vary. One thing that seems to be picking up steam is the trend towards mobile unified communications …

There's no doubt that healthcare by itself is a major, growing market. That's good news for everyone involved in this field, even if only peripherally. Better news, however, emerges from the fact that a lot of technologies are …

Because video fosters collaboration, improves access to care and promotes increased patient engagement, it may have a direct correlation to patient satisfaction. Some research indicates better engagement, thanks to technologies like teleh…

While the idea of "bring your own device," or BYOD, is commonly accepted and practiced in most American businesses today, there is evidence that companies aren't taking it seriously enough. A study conducted recently by anti-virus securit…

Nearly every business function today has been automated one way or another. Human resources, training, collaboration, sales, customer support and even socializing have gone the way of automation, which can help save money by removing the …

The benefit of having all employees in one location is that you can easily communicate with anyone on the team by simply walking to his or her desk and pulling up a chair. The reality in today's environment, however, …

This is especially important in government technology. One agency may be connected to 15 other government agencies. The breach of one firewall can easily grant access to all other connected agencies, making it an extremely successful day …

While electronic medical records (EMRs) have gone a long way toward protecting patients' privacy and rights along with providing a digital paper trail of diagnoses and care, they have a very definite downside. During a time when all verti…

Physicians are being bogged down with administrative maintenance tasks associated with the shortcomings of electronic health records (EHRs). While HIPAA compliance has brought about many positive changes to digital solutions in the health…

I suppose it was possible that the big data and business analytics markets might lose some ground; it's possible to have enough such tools, at least for a while. We all, however, know the value these tools offer, and …

We often discuss the risks and drawbacks associated with the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend in this space. By now, it's common knowledge that workers are bringing an increasing number of personal devices into corporate network, and fa…

People-based analytics is the use of data to drive organizational talent and management. It's become an important factor in most businesses' HR arsenal and the overall corporate landscape. With the right data, it's possible to better unde…

There is probably nothing scarier yet more important when it comes to healthcare than HIPAA. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was enacted in 1996 to ensure health information is private and protected for all.

It's easy to wonder where growth markets are any more these days, especially as the Dow Jones looks less like a philosophy of economic progress and more like a casino. Sometimes, growth markets do show up, and a lot …

Being part of the ranks of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) out there can be difficult. Resources can sometimes be slim; it's not easy to keep up with the larger businesses who can afford to make mistakes, and …

Finding growth markets these days can be a challenge to say the least. After all, spending is down on several fronts, and while the consumer death-grip on the wallet seems to be loosening, it's still a fight to …

Staying connected - it's something that every business needs to be able to do. You have certain goals you need to reach, which can include sales that rely heavily on telephony. You know what you need to accomplish, but you …

It's been 20 years since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) became law, and organizations are still scrambling to achieve and maintain compliance. HIPAA mandates extend well beyond the purview of healthcare pr…

The customer service paradigm has been turned on its head over the past few years, as trends like mobility, real-time communications (RTC) and online feedback have given increasing power to consumers. Organizations in all types of vertica…

Staying connected in business is important. At the same time, as every business owner knows, it's also very expensive. The bigger the organization, the more likely there are areas where bills are being paid for services no longer needed; …

We'd all like a little extra insight when it comes to most any technology out there, but insight-particularly accurate insight-can be hard to come by. The future is always changing, and any surprise development that comes along …

The concept of UC gave rise to instant messaging and its now prominent use in the workforce, as well as features like click-to-call and find-me/follow-me. With the uptake of WebRTC and OTT technologies and solutions, …

The combinations could go on and one, but the point is that integration is key if you hope to drive the intended benefits within your corporate environment. That integration has to be focused on user behavior or unified communications and…

Wouldn't life be so much easier without rules and regulations? Especially in the healthcare world, it's tough to get the job done while also ensuring complete compliance with HIPAA. It was put in place to protect the patient, …

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games will be a lot of things: a challenge and opportunity for athletes, exciting viewing for spectators and television watchers and a marketing opportunity for sponsors. It's also a telecommunications behemoth, wi…

It's well-known by now that security mechanisms for businesses are absolutely vital to ensuring ongoing operations. Protecting data for its own sake or to prevent customers from having to bear the brunt of data theft is just a …

Analytics are an important part of any technology choice today, particularly unified communications (UC). As communications systems become more dynamic and offer a broad range of ways to interact, organizations need metrics and numbers to…

Organizations of all sizes are deploying UC because it brings a single platform in which they can use audio and video conferencing, voice communications and more in a single or multiple locations. It streamlines communications systems and…

For its part, Facebook is still focused on the end goal and how to get there. "As part of this journey to 1 billion, we focused on creating the best possible experiences in modern day communications," said Facebook's vice …

Collaboration recording is the name that's been attached to the ability to record voice calls as well as video interactions from desktop phones, mobile devices and web conferences. In fact, a recent ISI Telemanagement Solutions Inc. blog …

Large contact centers facilitate thousands of interactions with customers every day. Each one of these interactions provides a data point that can be used to fine tune scripts and approaches. However, all of this data is only useful if it…

The mobile device explosion is upon us, and organizations throughout the world are scrambling to keep on top of the plethora of devices their employees are bringing into the corporate environment. Getting a handle on BYOD isn't a simple …

There are four key attributes to keep in mind in implementing a unified communications solution, according to a recent AT&T blog by Scott Koegler. That includes putting in place an environment that is flexible, creating a shared mental sp…

There's no doubt that unified communications (UC) has meant a lot of gains for the collaboration market and for those who put collaborations tools to use. One company in particular has brought out some exciting new products in this …

Managing expenses is a major part of every operation, particularly those that want to stay open and running for any length of time. Keeping expenses under control augments cash flow and helps ensure that the business can focus on those …

When the news broke that Microsoft is spending $26 billion on business social networking site LinkedIn, a lot of people wondered "why" and "what now?" It's a bit understandable that some investors might be wary. It's only been …

Call accounting has to be in place to track licenses, plans, invoices, devices and users to ensure your company is enjoying space in the 80 percent of accurate invoices. This process, however, is not something that is easily done through …

Going forward, court cases are likely to focus on the meaning of a "confidential communication" under the statute. It may hinge on customer expectations of privacy during the call, or even the purpose of the call. (Bartnick, Costin and Kl…

As companies continue to explore and expand into additional communications functionality, the need for call accounting solutions will continue to grow to ensure the proper use and controlled spending as functionality increases.

For companies hoping to keep costs down and improve productivity, UC is a critical technology. But as companies rely more and more on their networks, it's also a way of bridging networks and communications channels. Workers can, for examp…

New to the updated UCCX Real-Time Reporting solution is a real-time stats dashboard that allows managers to see the "health" of the UC contact center at a glance in real time, so adjustments can be made to operations …

The next step is to train employees on the new UC platform to ensure high rates of adoption and satisfaction. Organizations should also calculate technology adoption by validating usage patterns for specific devices. Finally, the help des…

ISI, which offers its Infortel Select solution to healthcare providers in addition to companies in a variety of other industries, recently announced that it has gone through a HIPAA recertification through ecfirst and the HIPAA Academy on…

Every so often, organizations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) need to undergo recertification to ensure full compliance and, therefore, the security of patients' interest as part of the system. Recent…

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