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Call Accounting Solutions Company Avotus Gears Up for Customer Forum, Announces Keynote Speaker

September 17, 2007

Call accounting solutions company Avotus is gearing up for its second annual customer forum, to be held Oct. 18-19, 2007 in San Diego, California. The event will focus on both current and future telecom expense management industry trends, with attendees gaining knowledge about related problem solving, best practices, challenges and solutions.
This year’s keynote speaker is business strategist and author Ralph Welborn. Welborn’s two books, The Jericho Principle and Get It Done: A Blueprint of Business Execution, explore how companies can improve their efficiencies through collaboration and streamlining operations for effective execution. A third book, Brains Away: The Global Sourcing of Innovation, is underway; it will focus on emerging models for IP technology commercialization.
Welborn has led business transformation and systems integration initiatives at a variety of management consulting firms. Most recently, he served as senior vice president of global solutions at KPMG Consulting/BearingPoint. Prior to that, he was managing partner of transformation at Unisys.
Alan Gold, chief marketing officer at Avotus, expressed his pleasure to have such a distinguished speaker keynoting at the event.
“His experience in the global marketplace and his reputation for developing and deploying transformational IT solutions within the financial services and telecommunications industries are highly relevant to Avotus customers as TEM continues to build traction as an indispensable management solution for IT departments,” Gold said in a statement.
To learn more about Avotus’ call accounting solutions and the upcoming customer forum, please visit the company’s channel, Call Accounting.
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