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Properly Escalating your Customer's Calls With Infortel CRM Infuze

February 06, 2013
By TMCnet Special Guest
Justin DiSandro, Marketing Copywriter, ISI Telemanagement,

Keeping your customers happy shouldn't be hard. But, when it comes to transferring or escalating calls, important customer information can be lost in the shuffle (or not logged into Microsoft (News - Alert) Dynamics® CRM), and making other departments unprepared to properly assist the customer.

Challenge: How can second level customer service reps already be familiar with a customer issue before they make a call?

Problem: After the first level call is made, and the call must be escalated, the second level person will only have notes as a point of reference from the original call. They aren’t overly familiar with the issue.

Solution: By having a record of the first call directly attached to the customer contact file, the second level expert can review the content of the call, thereby eliminating wasteful time spent by having the customer re-explain their problem.

Customers have problems which, in turn, mean companies have problems. This is one of the inevitable facts of business. While finding a remedy for their problem is paramount, it is not always a quick fix. Even though the first level of your customer support team is probably very skilled at assessing a situation, they will oftentimes have to escalate the problem to a second level team. It is in this transition that a number of issues can arise.

Just because a first level rep has assessed and addressed the customers concerns, it often times does little to prepare the second level respondent for the call. True, notes are taken in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help prepare any follow-up calls, but this will not directly familiarize the agent with the intimate details. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for the rep to not only have notes to prepare themselves for a call, but the original call itself?

By having a record of the first call attached to the customer contact record, the second level expert can review the content of the call, thereby eliminating wasteful time spent by having the customer re-explain their problem. This not only streamlines your customer service process, but it adds a personal touch. One of the most annoying things a customer will face is to re-explain their problem to each and every rep they talk to.

This unified notation system with Infortel® CRM Infuze gives your reps the ability to offer a level of customer service unmatched by your competitors. Call and video recording within Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a MUST for any company looking to cater to their customers on multiple levels.

Are your customer services agents prepared to have all vital customer information when transferring calls to the next department? What is your worst experience when being transferred between departments? Share with us here and on Facebook (News - Alert)!

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