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Call Accounting for Cisco Resellers to Get Simpler with Veramark and Netformx

April 18, 2013

It's both one of the strongest features and biggest weaknesses of a telecom reseller. Most have an enormous variety of products and services to offer potential customers to craft a solution that's so specific to that customer, it actually adds value by dint of being so incredibly specific. But one tool that should be in just about every toolbox relates to call accounting, the ability to track and report on issues of usage and expenses. To that end, Veramark and Netformx are getting together with a new set of solutions to make call accounting much simpler than it may have been in a lot of companies previously.

The combined Veramark and Netformx solution, which brings Veramark's VeraSMART Call Accounting system into Netformx's DesignXpert system, is set to be made available fairly soon, with a target release set for May of 2013. Putting the two in one place allows for extra versatility, and the joining together of two very important, if generally separated tools.

For those not already familiar, Netformx's DesignXpert is a tool widely used--it counts over 2,680 customers to its merit scattered across more than 144 countries -- not only to design, but also to quote rates for a variety of different enterprise technology solutions. Bringing in VeraSMART allows that same design and quoting system to come with a layer of call accounting in both wireless and wireline calling, so that the telecom manager looking to bring in the new systems can get a better idea if the system is being used in the way the original quotes and business cases may have projected it would be used.

VeraSMART allows users to not only gather data from a variety of different sources and combine it all into one central reporting system, making the information both robust and accessible. Additionally, it allows for easy interaction with the data and sharing of the results, and offers an ability to let users focus on expense management and on invoice processing as well, giving it a lot of extra value.

The added focus on call accounting allows for users to get a better handle on seeing if what the business bought is stacking up to what it's using overall. This allows a business to more rapidly get a handle on whether it will need further expansion, or whether it has put on too much expansion, and could thus save money by eliminating waste or by improving usage to better meet capacity. This is especially valuable for Cisco (News - Alert) resellers, which can offer a variety of different communications infrastructure tools, and being able to offer a wide variety of tools allows for different solutions to be put in and adjusted as needed, ensuring customer satisfaction in the long term.

So when the VeraSMART / DesignXpert solution comes out, it's certainly going to bear further consideration to help businesses get the most out of the infrastructure they put in place.

Edited by Rich Steeves