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Desktop and Mobile Collaboration Change the Face of Call and Video Recording

May 08, 2013

With more opportunities to enhance customer relations, organizations are finding creative ways to leverage call and video recording into their business model. One of these trends is desktop and mobile collaboration. Assimilating these two platforms greatly increases an organization’s ability to develop quality training methods and ease the workload of employees through capturing and recording instant messages. 

The majority of us have had cell phones for about a decade now (or more). On top of that, the vast majority of business professionals have also been using instant messaging with voice and presence capabilities in our personal lives for the same amount of time. 

Businesses are continuing to integrate both mobility and instant messaging into day-to-day operations. These collaboration tools allow for business to be conducted in a seamless manner. However, with the growing prevalence of Cisco (News - Alert) Jabber and Microsoft Lync, there is a mounting demand for recording professional instant message conversations via these business tools. 

Because both systems easily mandate the use of presence, desktop audio/video, web meetings, and instant messaging, a business can leverage recording in a manner that unlocks the potential of instant messaging for business purposes.

You can now capture conversations between your workforce and clients from instant messaging in Lync 2013. This helps to further build an accurate client database, and allows for streamlined selling, coaching, and productivity management

How often does your workforce use instant messaging? What are your thoughts on being able to record those interactions?

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