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Young Executives Push Video in the Workplace

August 16, 2013

Business-class video is a valuable asset in the workplace. Given the constant evolution of technology, it is imperative that organizations implement tools that improve business processes. To illustrate this point, a global study conducted by Redshift Research, and sponsored by Cisco, revealed how management-track leaders aged 34 years and under view the impact of business-class video in the workplace.

Surveying this particular business segment provides an insight to future trends. The survey boasted over 1,300 respondents. Of these, 61 percent of young executives see an increased dependency on video in the next 5-10 years. On top of that, about 70 percent of respondents said they would rely heavily on video when managing teams of 51 or more. 

Generation Y is quickly maturing. Their rise to power will include the tools that helped them succeed in the business world, namely video. Furthermore, 87 percent of those polled said that they would choose a video-enabled employer over an organization that has not invested in video communications. Essentially, as technology grows, young executives expect companies to grow as well.

“It seems like Gen Y leaders are on the right track,” wrote Angie Mistretta, director of TelePresence Solutions Marketing at Cisco (News - Alert), in a corporate blog post discussing the findings of the study. “The workplace is dynamic. In order to keep up with its constant evolution, we have to implement technologies that improve our business processes and empower employees with tools that help them advance their own careers.”

A large part of the rapid growth of business-class video is the burgeoning global market. Language barriers play a factor for many companies conducting international business. However, according to the survey, 94 percent firmly believe video can reduce any stresses related to competing in the international marketplace. 

Among the reasons were:

  • the ability to read visual cues
  • to “be there” without the need to travel
  • and to share content in real time 

Video directly impacts a company by reducing travel costs, increasing rapport between employees and clients, and improving on the telecommuting experience as a whole. For this, adding the ability to record calls and video interactions allows the business to adhere to quality management standards, monitor employee productivity, and build a training program around best practices in real situations. 

Call & video recording further elevates the potential of business-class video by developing a dynamic work environment. When employees are video conferencing with clients across the globe, their interactions can be monitored. The same goes for interoffice video communications. This puts a great emphasis on quality by keeping users accountable for their actions, and works to enhance employee productivity. Coaching can be developed around “best case examples” taken directly from video conversations, and used to create a training regimen. 

Another feature of recording video communications is the ability to revisit conversations. This increases your ability to meet compliance regulations. Because there are liabilities when dealing with various customers, taking the precaution to record the interactions best protects you, your employees, and your company. 

“Today's leaders are often tech enthusiasts,” said Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager of the Collaboration Technology Group at Cisco. “Tomorrow's leaders are increasingly tech dependent and video is no exception to the rule. The next generation of leaders is realizing that using video makes them more productive, helps companies reduce costs, and even plays a role in attracting the best talent available. They understand why video can be better than being there.”

Does your company currently utilize video? In what capacity? Let us know!

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Edited by Blaise McNamee