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Tadiran Telecom Integrates MTS Call Accounting Management for Aeonix Users

December 23, 2013

Call accounting is critical to enterprises, as it helps in the tracking, measurement and accounting of trunk utilization and telephony usage. Call accounting solutions can bring cost savings through usage visibility and analysis, budget management through auditing, analysis of quality of service, automated switch provisioning management, and emergency services management and alerting.

Addressing the growing needs from call accounting users in the telecom industry, Tadiran Telecom, a provider of IP business telephony and Unified Communications (News - Alert) (UC) solutions, has formed partnership with Mer Telemanagement Solutions (MTS), a provider of telecom expense management solutions, to offer call accounting management for Aeonix users.

The call accounting solution integrates MTS (News - Alert)' call accounting management application with Aeonix V2, Tadiran (News - Alert) Telecom's flagship Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) solution. The solution is designed for distributed environments and can support up to 25,000 users.

Aeonix delivers powerful, flexible and adaptable communications to enterprises both large and small. The product’s unified management structure ensures that customers experience the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with minimal IT resources required, Tadiran said. 

MTS’ solution is ideal for Aeonix’s distributed environments and meets the requirements of an enterprise’s profit and loss management. It also features built-in fraud detection that provides real-time alerts on suspicious activities, so enterprises can proactively react or prevent external hacks and cyber attacks on telephony resources.

As a single solution, or in bundled form, Aeonix Call Accounting modules are aimed at reducing enterprise communications costs, increasing visibility and maximizing staff resources. Users get visibility and budget management capabilities so they can collect and analyze call records from multiple sources and create associated invoices.

Some of the capabilities of the solution include chargeback visibility and the ability to generate reports for statistical needs, search call records to target specific activity and produce real-time and historical reports based upon collected system statistics. It also delivers enhanced high availability capabilities and built-in contact center and dispatch console applications.

Aeonix Call Accounting integrates seamlessly into Aeonix's high availability solution and cloud architecture. During failure scenarios such as network loss or hardware failure, Aeonix Call Accounting is able to continue operating without loss of data.

With Aeonix Call Accounting, enterprises get the ability to manage their communications environments and associated costs by measuring the usage throughout their organization. 

Eldad Barak, president and CEO of Tadiran Telecom, said, "MTS is a perfect fit for Aeonix's distributed environments, meeting the requirements of an enterprise's profit and loss management. It also provides unparalleled security and peace of mind."

Edited by Cassandra Tucker