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Better Routing, Better Reporting for Improved Customer Service

April 01, 2016

The Microsoft (News - Alert) Lync communications platform is making large gains in customer service, as it puts people at the center of communications, connecting in new ways, across the PC, phone and browser. For the call center, Response Groups manage and direct inbound callers to agents.

Workflows can be defined in which callers are prompted with specific questions and then directed to a queue of agents. Administrators can define multiple workflows, queues, and algorithms for routing callers to the correct agents.

This type of routing enables each caller to experience the best possible customer service and as a result, company recognition and productivity can grow. The relationship you have with your customers is the foundation of success, therefore by focusing on these types of strategies, it is possible to manage thousands of calls continuously without compromising customer satisfaction.

Infortel Select from ISI (News - Alert) can be integrated with Microsoft Lync to take this type of interaction a step further, as the solution can route better based on metrics, such as calls by hour, calls by agent, and abandoned rates. Knowing this information allows decision makers to gain better traction on productivity, thus making the customer experience a better one through proper insight.

Successful contact centers use call routing strategies to deliver a consistent customer experience in the face of fluctuating demands and fixed resources.

An intelligent routing strategy goes beyond reducing wait times or call resolution times. While operational efficiency is an essential objective, the bigger payoff of intelligent routing comes from improving the customer experience.

When routing strategy integrates customer context, such as customer history and value, with business objectives and agents’ skills, it can become a competitive advantage.

Ensuring that calls go through to the right agent is one of the most crucial functions of a contact center, as both callers and call handlers can get frustrated when calls are misplaced.

See how ISI works with Microsoft Lync for better customer service through Response Group reporting:

Edited by Stefania Viscusi