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Call Accounting Helps Resort Save Money

April 12, 2017

Call accounting is a computer based or standalone system that monitors all outgoing calls. Once the call is made, the system presents the information in a format that is easy for the user to use and understand. Collected information includes numbers dialed, from which extension, call duration, call cost, etc. It’s a valuable tool that provides a variety of insights, which is why it’s been implemented in so many businesses.

One of the most recent companies to introduce call accounting to its overall system is Naples Grande Beach Resort. The resort is massive, with 474 rooms and three miles of beach along the gulf coast of Florida. With that much room to fill, it’s apparent that a lot of calls are made to and from the resort on a daily basis. Those call metrics can be hard to keep track of, which is why the resort chose to integrate Cloud5 Communications’ cloud based telephony system for guests and staff.

The fully integrated voice solution includes Hosted PBX (News - Alert) with Hosted Voicemail, Call Accounting, Auto-Attendant, and PMS Interfacing. 

“For a world-class property like Naples Grande, guest service excellence is mission critical in the 'always open' nature of the resort. A provider that ensures reliable communications between guests and staff is a must,” said Mark Holzberg, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Cloud5. “We are delighted to partner with Naples Grande to keep them ahead of changing network needs and guests' demanding requirements.”

Choosing a cloud based telephony solutions was a good choice on the resort’s part, because now guests can easily communicate with staff members. However, the call accounting feature, specifically, will help the resort immensely by providing valuable call insights that could potentially even save the company money. By logging call cost, the resort can create a strategy to better handle calls in the most cost-effective way possible. 


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