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Call Accounting: Adding Value on Several Fronts

April 18, 2017

Call accounting, to those who aren't already actively using it, may seem like an impenetrable mass of jargon that doesn't do a whole lot of good. A closer look, however, shows us where the value of this technology lies. Recently, PBXDom offered up just such a closer look, detailing how call accounting can deliver benefit to just about any business that has a lot of incoming and outgoing calls.

One, call accounting delivers help with call reporting. It's hard to provide a report when there's no information to build it around, and call accounting allows businesses to capture that information in one key place. Granted, it's possible to get that same information from data entry of the itemized bill into a central database, but call accounting systems better automate the process.

Two, the information call accounting provides lays the groundwork for analytics functions to step in. Analytics can't operate without a large amount of raw information to analyze and derive patterns from, so using call accounting helps gather that fodder together in one place. With the analytics systems complete, any number of actionable conclusions can be derived, from times of day not to make calls—why do a lot of calling into a space where most let a call roll over into voicemail?—to potential points of improvement from the sales reps.

Three, call accounting even allows abuse to be spotted. If a phone bill proves unusually high, call accounting tools allow the potential cause to be traced and monitored.

With several worthwhile reasons to bring in call accounting mechanisms, it's actually kind of a surprise more companies aren't doing this already. Granted, there's a limited value for a company whose phone bills comfortably fit on one page—not every firm does a lot of outbound calling—but for those who do have a call center environment that deals in outbound operations, call accounting is right up there with, say, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service for potential value.

Delivering value is the point of virtually any system—no one wants to buy into a system that doesn't do anything—and call accounting provides such benefits on a wide-scale basis. From providing useful, actionable information to monitoring for abuses in the system, call accounting adds a lot of benefit to a call center operation, and makes it well worth considering.

Edited by Alicia Young

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