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How Call Accounting Solutions Can Improve Sales and Productivity

May 22, 2017

When it comes to business telecommunications, more information, rather than less, can help you take better control of your business. Telecom represents a huge cost outlay for most companies, so ensuring it’s being used as efficiently as possible will help keep costs down and productivity up. Call accounting solutions are vital to managing the usage of telecom resources.

Some of the many benefits of a call accounting solution include:

It identifies the origin or destination of calls. While many companies use call accounting to ensure staff members aren’t spending time on personal calls, it also helps to know where teams are concentrating their attention on work calls. If chronically under-producing employees are spending a majority of time on accounts that seem to be non-productive, managers can rechannel their efforts into places where they might get a better response. It a sales team is working off a new list of leads but not getting very far, it could mean you may want to avoid purchasing leads from that source going forward.

It provides information about the duration of calls. If staff members are calling accounts that do seem productive but are taking an inordinate amount of time to move along the sales pipeline, it may indicate that your staff requires more training on certain skills, such as asking for the sale and closing.

It may help you negotiate a better deal on your telecom service. What percentage of calls made or taken on a toll-free line are local? Domestic? International? You may find that your current telecom plan is costing you more based on your usage habits, and there are better deals that could be negotiated if you’re armed with a precise breakout of your calls by type and usage.

It can help monitor the quality of customer support. You can tell a lot about the quality of customer service you’re offering by monitoring the specifics of calls, according to a recent blog post by Australian company Business Telecom.

“Monitor incoming calls for the length of time callers are placed on hold,” wrote the blogger. “Find out if callers are hanging up before someone picks up. This information helps you determine if changes need to be made to keep callers on the line. Identify peak times of incoming calls and ensure that communication can be received. Minimizing the length of time a customer is on hold will inevitably help you improve customer satisfaction.”

It can help determine the effectiveness of advertising or sales efforts. When customers call you, how are they calling you, and from what geographic locations? At what times? What numbers are they using? Are they using landlines or mobile phones? How do these patterns change with new advertising or marketing campaigns?

The more information you have about your telecom usage, the more effectively you can evaluate the behavior of your employees, customers and prospects, and change that behavior to improve outcomes. 

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