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ISI to Present on Call Accounting Services

May 30, 2017

The traditional image of a contact center is long done. The image popularized by movies and television of row after row of agents, armed with their sterilized headsets and written out scripts, has become a thing of the past. Sure, some elements of that type of communication remain, but contact centers have evolved and expanded to contain so much more.

Today, customers interact with contact centers across many different forms of communication. From the traditional phone conversations to automated chatbots, to instant messaging with a real human being, today’s consumers now has a variety of ways to interact with a business through its contact center. In addition, all of these modalities are now, by necessity, linked. When a customer gives account information to a chatbot, for example, they now expect that the customer service agent they are put in contact with over the phone already has access to that information. They crave efficiency, and in order for that efficiency to be maintained, there needs to be a database of all forms of customer interaction across all media that can easily be sorted and searched.

This is why call accounting software has become so important for contact centers. Other, text based forms of communication lend themselves much more easily to being sorted and analyzed; sophisticated text-based search engines have been around for years. However, voice communications are much trickier to itemize in this way. Call accounting services bridge this gap and make it easy for contact centers to organize phone conversations by customer and keyword, allowing them to be grouped alongside other, text based interactions.

ISI (News - Alert) will be presenting its latest call accounting solution and its implication for future business operations at Cisco Live on June 27. Their session is entitled, “Enhancing Your Cisco Unified Communications (News - Alert) Investment with ISI’s UC Management Solutions,” and will look at ways that businesses can leverage their call accounting solutions for more coordinated contact center management. The talk will be held in the theaters of Cisco’s (News - Alert) World of Solutions.

As businesses compete with one another, it is clear that customer satisfaction is going to be a key part of any business model. That game can be won or lost in the contact center. If customers do not feel as though their needs are being handled well, they will quickly turn on a company. Businesses can make sure they avoid this downfall by being well organized in their contact center, and using that organization to follow through on the needs of customers quickly and correctly. Call accounting services allow businesses to make the most of their conversations with customers, and are a must for any contact center.

Edited by Alicia Young

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