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Call Accounting and Recording Help Stem Trucking Industry Turnover

May 31, 2017

While the contact center industry is famed for its high turnover, it’s not the only industry that features revolving doors for workers. A shortage of truck drivers has turned into a nightmare for the transportation industry. Dissatisfaction with jobs and the ability to find work easily elsewhere has led to annual turnover rates of near 100 percent for some sectors of the trucking industry. Large sign-on bonuses are often used to poach employees from one company to another, which has led to average costs as high as $25,000 to recruit, hire, and train a new driver. Clearly, the industry needs to find ways to retain workers.

A study conducted by polling Strategic Programs’ database of 22,000 exit interviews with truckers found that while money (predictably) and a lack of work-life balance were at the top of the list of drivers’ complaints, a lack of efficient communications also plays a major part in why truckers leave their jobs.

According to a recent blog post by Mitch Weiss writing for ISI (News - Alert) Telemanagement Solutions Inc., the industry has identified a lack of professionalism in communications with drivers thanks to unified communications recording solutions that monitor the performance of dispatchers.

“When reviewing these recordings, the organizations were shocked what actually took place,” wrote Weiss. “Some dispatchers were consistently rude, others used vulgar or harassing language. All of this can directly lead to expensive turnover. Trucking companies can benefit from a formal program of recording and reviewing communications with drivers; adopting techniques taken from call centers to create a scorecard of performance for their dispatchers.”

Call monitoring as an element of unified communications is routinely used in contact centers, but it’s clear that other industries, such as transportation, would benefit from these solutions. Some unified communications and call accounting platform providers have partnered with call recording solutions companies (ISI, for instance, partners with Verba Technologies) to offer communications monitoring suites that can not only put a highly usable, affordable and feature-rich calling and messaging platform at trucking companies’ disposal, but also make it easy to create a quality monitoring program that improves the quality of calls.

The result is a unified communications (UC) platform bolstered by the robust reporting, alarming, and search capabilities of a call accounting and reporting system with the dynamic call archiving and playback functions of a collaboration recording solution.

“This can identify low-performing dispatchers as well as the stars. Low-performing dispatchers can be offered additional training while high-performing dispatchers can be provided bonuses,” wrote Weiss. “The result is lower driver turn-over and lower overall costs.”

By identifying the factors that lead to high turnover, monitoring them and offering incentives for performance, companies can lower their turnover rates, which brings about a swift return on investment (ROI) for the company investing in the call accounting and recording technology. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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