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Using Call Accounting in the Healthcare Field

June 20, 2017

In its earliest iterations, call accounting software was aimed mostly at contact centers as a means to collect customer interactions in a way that could be organized and analyzed to improve performance. However, businesses are finding that this information gathering and organization software can be applied in many other fields as well. ISI (News - Alert) is using the call accounting platform Infortel Select in the healthcare field, allowing healthcare providers to manage their records with much more ease while also ensuring that they remain compliant with HIPAA and other federal regulations.

The world of telemedicine is a relatively new one that is growing quickly and providing exciting opportunities. Patients from New York could chat with a specialist in California instantly, allowing them to receive a much needed expert opinion without having to spend the time or money associated with the travel. It also made doctors visits much more convenient for patients who lacked the ability to move around well.

The main issue with these meetings is that taking effective notes while also conversing through a video conference can be very difficult for doctors. As such, it was all too easy for important details to slip through the cracks. This is the problem that ISI is fixing with its call accounting service designed specifically for healthcare providers.

Now, when engaging in video conferences, doctors can have all of their interactions recorded and stored in an archive that is secure and in accordance with federal privacy standards. They can go back and review these videos any time they need clarification, and can also share them with their patients if they so choose. This server can also securely store written electronic medical records, something that healthcare providers are already beginning to embrace.

ISI is showing how an existing technology that was previously focused in one sector of the business world can be adjusted and applied somewhere else. It took the idea of call accounting and, after ramping up security and accessibility factors, pivoted it into something that can help change the world of healthcare. This is just one example of the way that call accounting technology can be applied.  

Edited by Alicia Young

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