Call Accounting Featured Article

Call Accounting is Transforming the Hospitality Industry

July 26, 2017

As we’ve established time and time again, call accounting can benefit just about any industry. From the call center to educational institutions to healthcare, call accounting software has the ability to transform operations. One other industry that we’ve yet to really explore in the realm of call accounting is the hospitality space.

Just like schools and hospitals, hotels, motels and resorts can all be improved by implementing call accounting solutions. In the hospitality industry, these solutions can be used to automatically post call records to property management systems. This would allow properties to track phone calls, bill guests for phone usage, reduce telecommunications costs and ultimately increase guest satisfaction.

According to a recent article, hotels can use call accounting to:

  • Recover phone costs
  • Generate revenue with custom mark-ups and surcharges
  • Record calls in real-time
  • Detect misuse and abuse
  • Optimize phone system performance
  • Post calls automatically to the Property Management System
  • Allocate costs by department or extension
  • Set special phone rates for VIP guests
  • Decrease billing errors
  • Monitor wakeup calls (when set and if they were answered)

Call accounting solutions can also help hotels, motels and resorts generate revenue and recover phone costs by adding surcharges, mark-ups and taxes to guest bills. While those features result in added revenue, other features can help hotels save money by reducing telecommunication costs. This is accomplished through the tracking and recording of all phone calls in real time. Tracking and recording calls enables hotels, motels and resorts to detect misuse and abuse from administration extensions. In this way, they can also charge guests appropriately for their phone usage.

Although it may sound like call accounting allows hotels to bill guests more, these solutions actually result in increased levels of guest satisfaction. No one wants to deal with billing mishaps while on vacation or a business trip, and call accounting solutions help hotels keep records straight.