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Call Reporting Offers Visibility about CX

August 21, 2017

Retail experiences have evolved to make life a whole lot easier on consumers. Connected devices and online resources make it simple for people to research products and prices, and check out competing offers and solutions. We can do this from just about anywhere – at home, in store, at work, or wherever else. And the items we order arrive at our doorsteps quickly – typically within just a couple of business days.

Yet for all the improvements consumers have seen on the front-end of the browsing and buying process, the needle hasn’t moved all that much in terms of post-sale customer service. Rather than making life easier for consumers after the sale, many businesses present consumers with what serve as a series of obstacles they need to attempt to get through.

These customer experiences typically start with an auto attendant. Additionally, customers may face long hold times. And, sometimes, there’s no option to reach a living, breathing person at all.

That’s a problem for both consumers and the organizations who want their business. Studies show that consumers are both less willing to wait than they were in the past and more likely to go elsewhere if their experiences are below expectations. So organizations that are intentionally serving up low quality customer experiences need to change. And those that are simply not paying much attention to CX need to get with the program or suffer the consequences.

One way to get a better handle on the kind of customer experiences your business is delivering is via call reporting analytics. This kind of software, explains the ISI Telemanagement Solutions blog, can provide an organization with information about the number of abandoned calls and call transfers it has, as well as hold times. And that can put it on a path to better understanding what its customers are experiencing.

“Ensuring that your customers have a positive experience should be a priority for any organization,” says the blog. “You can create a better experience for your consumers if you have visibility into the cause of the issue. If the consumer never gets an agent on the support line, having access to analytics showing hold times, abandoned calls, and call transfers would provide valuable insights into what your customers may be experiencing while trying to connect with your organization.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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