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ISI Explains Call Accounting & Reporting Benefits

August 25, 2017

ISI (News - Alert) Management Solutions was a sponsoring partner at last week’s Presidio Exchange 2017.

That’s an engineering and sales conference, which took place Aug. 17 through 19 at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando.

David Dishek, ISI’s unified collaboration practice lead, and Chris Welch, channel sales manager, both attended. While there, they discussed ISI’s Unifed Communications Management Solutions for Collaboration Compliance, Hunt Group Reporting, Network Utilization, Video Reporting, Technology Adoption, and Cnotact Center Management. That enabled attendees of the Orlando event better understand how call accounting and reporting can help organizations become more productive, save money, ensure correct accounting, avoid fraud, and otherwise make the most of their resources.

ISI’s call accounting and reporting application is called Infortel. It supports the collection and processing of call detail records from on-premises PBXs, VoIP servers, Centrex, and other hosted services. It all takes in and analyzes details related to conference services, local and long-dstance carreirs, and wireless handsets. Infortel Select’s secure web user interface enables users to access a dashboard, which they can customize; see various reports; design their own reports; and do analysis on their traffic in real time.

“ISI has been an industry leader in the call accounting and reporting area for over 30 years,” the company explains. “With that much experience, we’ve learned a great deal about our customers and their needs.”

For example, ISI helps its customers identify abuse and misuse of their systems, do carrier bill reconcilation, and address cost allocation and reductation. The company’s solutions deliver contact center metrics, help enhance employee productivity, and keep a historic call archive. They also support tenant billing and allow for traffic analysis.

“Traffic Analysis helps organizations determine if they are over or under trunked,” ISI explained. “Utilizing Traffic Analysis reports, an organization can identify their busy hours and how many trunks were used during those busy hours. From these metrics, they can establish the correct number of trunks needed to handle the busy hours at the grade-service they determine.”

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