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Keeping Houston Connected After Harvey Thanks to Smart City

September 08, 2017

Hurricane Harvey displaced and moved so many people in Houston and its surrounding areas that it became essential to ensure connectivity before, during, and especially after. As part of the discussion,  Smart City Networks, which provides utilities, technology, and communications services to the convention industry, hosted FCC (News - Alert) Chairman Ajit Pai, who was on hand to discuss and review the communications infrastructure. The objective was to ensure connectivity and telecommunications stability during this time of uncertainty and crisis.  

Smart City began in Houston more than 30 years ago. It was a top priority for us to keep emergency response teams and those affected connected when it matters the most. We had a productive meeting with Chairman Pai to give the FCC a thorough update on not only our efforts at our Houston facilities to support the local community, but also in how we design networks that work reliably for both trade shows and unexpected events like Harvey,” President of Smart City Networks, Mark Haley shared.

By ensuring adequate connectivity and access, Smart City makes it possible to leverage call accouting systems to keep track of who is safe but, perhaps more importantly, situations that require assistance and locations where that assistance is required – including being able to dispatch rescue workers to aid trapped residents.  It also ensures 911 calls, which are a critical component of safety procedures, can be monitored and tracked appropriately.

Thanks to Smart City, emergency response teams are able to better assist and maintain communications with other first responders and local, state and federal agencies, to more effectively handle the Harvey crisis.  Smart City also helped provide WiFi (News - Alert) for emergency shelters in Forth Worth and Dallas via hardline phones, internet drops, as well as VLAN connections for emergency responders and Red Cross. 

Edited by Erik Linask

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