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Beesion Bets on Greencastle for Change Management

October 25, 2017

Telecom is in the midst of transition. Ranging from the cloud and how services are deployed, to call accounting software and telecom management in general, change is in the air. With all this transformation at hand, it is easy to get lost in the learning curve. A recent partnership put this issue in its sights.

This week, Beesion Technologies announced a partnership with Greencastle Associates Consulting. Beesion is best known as a low-code telecom software firm, and this dynamic duo is taking on the role of educator to enlighten customers as to best practice in adopting and adjusting to operational changes coming as a result of a Beesion rapid software deployment.

“Greencastle has extensive change management experience,” said Gustavo Merchan, Beesion CMO. “We believe they can help our clients adjust to new processes and new ways of getting jobs done.”

In leveraging Beesion’s low-code software, firms are retreating from legacy and moving toward more of a drag-and-drop model. Allow me to explain, customers can quickly deploy pre-built modules and utilize drag-and-drop tools to rapidly adjust processes, and ensure optimal operational performance.

“All new processes have a cycle. Initially, there’s great excitement about the change. But as time goes on, enthusiasm wanes. We help companies mitigate and avoid that ‘Valley of Despair,’” said Joe Crandall, Greencastle Partner.

Beesion caters to telecom companies with a comprehensive portfolio of low-code software applications. In specific, Tier 1 telecoms and reverse logistics providers are deploying its Telecom Inventory Management software and Telecom Reverse Logistics Software with great success.

In an environment of constant change, staying tip of spear is tricky. Then, throw in the notion of teaching old dogs new tricks, and challenges start popping up left and right. Digital transformation is here to help, and education plans to play a key role in taking full advantage of this digital era.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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