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Comview Earns AOTMP Recertification

November 03, 2017

Telecom is a busy field today. Between the multitude of mergers and acquisitions, throw in demanding customers and a highly competitive space and there’s a whole lot to unpack there. But those continuing to employ best practice principals will rise above the fray.

This week, Comview successfully renewed its Efficiency First Vendor Certification. The evaluation process entailed the alignment of Comview’s mobile and fixed telecom expense management service, using the benchmark of the Efficiency First Framework.

“AOTMP congratulates Comview on recertifiying,” stated Timothy C. Colwell, SVP Efficiency First® Adoption. “The certification serves as recognition of continuous leadership in fixed/mobile telecom expense management and call accounting, with an ongoing commitment to drive performance and deliver excellent service to its clients.”

The highly disciplined, best practice approach that is the Efficiency First Framework is something Comview is more than familiar with, as in 2013 it was the first vendor to receive the certification that was offering mobility management and TEM solutions. In this recent run of testing, AOTMP cited robust reporting, PBX (News - Alert)/VoIP call accounting and telecom expense management capabilities as Comview strengths.

Comview clients, on the other hand, appreciate the operational benefits that allow for a decrease in costs while gaining improved efficiency and visibility along the way. 

“We always strive to provide the best possible software and service to everyone,” stated John Perri, Comview CEO and Founder. “We’re excited and honored that our customers and AOTMP have again validated our people, processes and technology through the recertification process. Few things are as gratifying as receiving top scores from customers, proving our ‘Customer for Life’ philosophy makes a difference.”

Telecom is tricky, but it doesn’t have to be – especially with best practice to guide the way.

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