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AFTRA-SAG Casts OfficeWatch SL Call Report Solution

November 13, 2017

A dozen years have passed since Metropolis Technologies (News - Alert) outfitted the AFTRA-SAG credit union with a call volume logging and tracking solution. More recently the organization called on the supplier to implement its new OfficeWatch SL Call Report solution.

This new solution offers advanced toll fraud alerts, customer reporting queries, and improved transferred call reports. That helps AFTRA-SAG increase quality control, troubleshoot complaints, and more.

But Metropolis Technologies did more than just provide this subscription-based software to AFTRA-SAG, which serves movie, radio, and TV artists. The supplier also had its team do side by side installation. That way it was able to ensure everything on the new system worked before making the switchoff from the existing solution. Then the Metropolis Technologies team provided AFTRA-SAG staff with training on the new system’s features.

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“For over 20 years, Metropolis Technologies has provided advanced call accounting, 911 emergency management, and telemanagement applications for businesses of all types in the U.S. and abroad,” the company explained. And our “easy to use applications provide advanced call notifications, over 250 report templates, toll fraud detections, and trunk analysis tools help organizations reduce liability, increase revenue, minimize expenses, and boost productivity.”

Fraud alerts such as those offered by the Metropolis OfficeWatch solution are important considering the billions each year lost to telephone-related fraud. Communications Fraud Control Association in 2015 reportedly estimated that PBX (News - Alert) hacking accounted for $3.93 billion that year, IP PBX hacking accounted for $3.53 billion, subscriber fraud totaled $3.53 billion, identity fraud amounted to $2.55 billion, and account takeover incidences reached $2.16 billion.

In another recent case study released by Metropolis Technologies, the company tells the study of how its customer Health Partner Plans has evolved its call reporting. That customer, which needed a solution to integrate with its Nortel (News - Alert) CS1000, is leveraging its OfficeWatch XT call reporting solution. 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz