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FreeMove Finds Partner in BT

November 22, 2017

Easy to use mobile telecommunications solutions are a sign of the times. Our always-on, always plugged-in, digital era demands constant connectivity capable of maintaining user-friendly communications to aid in driving productivity.

Today, FreeMove announced a new partnership with BT Group (News - Alert), giving the global telecommunications firm an expanded arsenal of mobile services providing seamless connectivity with international customer conducting business in the United Kingdom.

For the firms supporting the service – BT, FreeMove and other operators – contracting arrangements is greatly simplified. And, in partnering the pairing is able to deliver a better customer experience, exceptional support and service quality.

For FreeMove, its missions is to support companies doing business around the globe by meeting the telecommunications demand through partnerships, so working with BT forwards this goal. This move expands the FreeMove net, as it already works with a number of large network operators, including: Telia Company, Deutsche Telekom, Orange (News - Alert) and Telecom Italia.

Moving forward, FreeMove intends on improving its global communications solutions, and developing a unified platform to provide support, management and procurement services.

BT currently serves more than 180 countries and 30 million customers around the globe with broadband, TV, mobile and phone needs via its EE network, which it touts as one of the largest and fastest 4G network in the U.K – spanning nearly 90 percent of the U.K.

Stephan Fauser, General Manager of FreeMove, exclaimed, "We firmly believe this agreement with BT will help us even better serve the increasing demands for seamless mobile services throughout the UK and beyond."

Telecommunications is a highly competitive space where results speak resoundingly. And with digital transformation forcing firms far and wide to select communications solutions up to the task of supporting worldwide workforces, the competition kicks up a notch.

How is your business connecting and communicating? 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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