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CallMiner Reports Best-Ever NPS at 51

December 15, 2017

Speech and customer engagement analytics company CallMiner (News - Alert) has a 51 Net Promoter Score. And it wants the world to know about it.

That’s because this is the company’s highest NPS rating to date.

NPS, for those not familiar with this metric, is a measure of customer experience. It offers a barometer of how likely people are to recommend your product or service to other individuals.

“We’re honored to receive a high Net Promoter Score which places us well ahead of the average B2B tech firm, and even higher than Apple (News - Alert),” says CallMiner Vice President of Customer Success Tony Zavala. “Our business model is centered on providing analytics solutions that give customers the insightful data they need to instantly and sustainably improve their operations. Achieving this goal involves giving our clients impeccable service through both our amazing people and our carefully designed solution that features an intuitive and powerful user interface.”

CallMiner notes that customer experience research, consulting, and training firm Temkin Group says that enterprise-level B2B technology vendors on average have NPS scores of 21.4. Microsoft’s (News - Alert) NPS core, according to Temkin Group, is 43.  

However, CallMiner’s 51 rating is based on the company’s own 2017 NPS survey of its customers. CallMiner’s customers come from a variety of verticals.

Financial services, and collections, are its largest vertical and subset. For example, CallMiner provides solutions for the U.S. division of Spanish bank Santander. The division deals in auto finance; CallMiner helps with its collections and loan processing part of the business. Initially this customer tapped CallMiner for post-call analytics. Now, however, it is the first customer of EurekaLive, which does real-time monitoring of call center calls, with the ability for call center managers to listen in and take action when they deem it appropriate. That can be very helpful if, for example, a contact center manager hears a caller expressing discontent.

CallMiner has also seen good success with BPOs, and in the health care, hospitality, and utilities industries. For example, Bluegreen Vacations leverages the company’s solutions to score agent performance to improve quality, and to measure and improve customer satisfaction.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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