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Eastlink Elevates Service Delivery

December 21, 2017

Telecommunications is far more than call accounting or expense management, our SaaS (News - Alert)-y digital age demands more. And, as digital transformation drives evolution in services, those in the telecom space are tasked with offering exceptional delivery of video and voice applications. Simply put, an elevation in efforts is required.

This week, Eastlink announced the selection of Espial’s (News - Alert) Elevate cloud-based SaaS platform to support video services. With the platform in place, Eastlink is able to further enhance and expand its entertainment and video services portfolio.

"The Elevate platform has an impressive set of capabilities that enhances the experience of our Maestro TV service offering" said Deborah Shaffner, President & Chief Operating Officer, Eastlink. "The continuous innovation roadmap of Espial's Elevate SaaS cloud platform, further provides us with the ability to stay competitive and increase customer engagement."

The family owned and operated Canadian telecom is taking a step in future-proofing its operations. The cloud is turning heads as firms far and wide are leveraging it for the flexibility, performance and cost savings it enables. Video is on the rise, upping the ante for service provider as there is minimal margin of error in service delivery.

"The video industry is in the middle of significant change where Pay TV operators face a highly competitive environment", said Jaison Dolvane, CEO of Espial. "Espial's cloud based Elevate SaaS platform provides a platform that helps operators rapidly introduce new innovations to their television services and leverage the scale of this multi-tenant cloud platform. We are excited to partner with Eastlink to enhance and enrich their subscribers' entertainment experience."

Modern telecom firms face much in the way of challenges, but driving more opportunity is innovation in areas like the cloud, for instance.

What does your business leverage the cloud for?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz