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Cleaning House: How Telecom Expense Management Can Save You a Bundle

January 08, 2018

My guest room closet is kind of a mess right now. I know there’s probably a lot of stuff in there that I never use. I began sorting through it yesterday, but never finished what I started.

In business, as in personal life, we often amass things we later don’t need. But oftentimes we ignore such situations and focus on more immediate ­– and sometimes less daunting – concerns.  That’s no big deal when the issue is a messy closet. But it can lead to lost money and opportunity when it comes to a business.

Just look at what one company that engaged with ISI Telemanagement Solutions (News - Alert) was able to uncover.

The company is a home health care services provider with 125 locations across the U.S. It didn’t have a firm handle on its telecommunications services and costs, what it needed, and what it could do without. So it called in ISI Telemanagement Solutions to sort it all out.

During the six-month telecommunications optimization project, ISI Telemanagement Solutions took inventory of all accounts, services, and suppliers across all of the client company’s 125 locations. In the process, ISI identified $55,000 in telecom vendor billing errors and charges for services not in use. It enabled the health care firm to realize $60,000 in long distance and $35,000 in local service expense savings related to contract optimization and respective equipment and network engineering.

ISI Telemanagement’s elimination of unused wireless devices and optimization of the company’s wireless plan yielded $30,000 in savings. The company also saw $20,000 in savings related to conferencing, directory assistance, and other services.

In all, ISI Telemanagement Solutions was able to provide the health care services company with $200,000 in annualized telecom savings and more than $75,000 in additional productivity gains and savings.

Wow. Maybe I should clean out that closet after all.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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