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Jitter & Latency: Don't Drop the Package

January 26, 2018

Supply chain technology is pretty cool. Place an order on Amazon, and watch your package through each part of the delivery process up until the second it is dropped at your front door. In call accounting, jitter and latency reports offer this same sort of insight into your communications experience.

Whether you’re from the Microsoft (News - Alert) camp calling it Quality of Experience (QoE), or part of the Cisco (News - Alert) community using the term Quality of Service (QoS), these attributes reflect the attributes of UC or voice events enabling the evaluation of communications events.

While Mean opinion score (MOS) has long been used as a barometer for the human perspective on the quality of the interactions for some time, today a more modern method is required. Simply put, it’s a great puzzle piece, but just a small piece of the big picture. It is but one of a number metrics vital to ascertaining value from call accounting and reporting.

The starring players of QoS or QoE reporting are lost packets, jitter and latency – the arch nemesis of quality interactions. Latency measures the delay between when a voice packet is sent and received. Measured in milliseconds, the higher the number the lesser the audio quality with 20-150ms being the acceptable range, and anything above 300ms simply inferior. Jitter measures the variation of latency. So, with zero variation comes consistency in one’s VoIP deployment. However, anything greater than 20% is outside of the acceptable range. The third measured attribute is lost packets, which exactly as it sounds is a measure of the packets that were sent, but never received. Lost packets are measured by aggregate or average lost packets and are usually caused by network congestion.

A robust call accounting solution with offer the level of reporting required to gain actionable insight into communications events. There much that goes on behind the scenes driving your collaboration and communication experiences, and call accounting can help ensure all systems are go.

Do you have a call accounting solution in place?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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