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Addressing Quality Management with Call Accounting

February 02, 2018

The contact center should be a customer-first, customer-focused operation. Every interaction means something, as one dissatisfied caller can quickly create a social media maelstrom. Sure, these points seem quite obvious, but you’d be surprised how many businesses are not leveraging workforce optimization, specifically quality management in contact center operations.

This integral piece of the customer experience puzzle provides a means to evaluate contact center agents and offer insight into improving performance. For instance, a comprehensive solution will deliver something in the way of best practice templates and flexible evaluation form builder to aid in measuring agent performance.

Once evaluated, a robust solution can automatically send out assignments to agents scoring below par with eLearning and eCoaching linked to push the agent to progress in key areas. Once lessons are completed, management can assign agents to take quizzes, ensuring the eLearning is taking hold.

Call accounting and reporting plays a large role in this as well. By capturing Call Detail Records (CDR), employee activity is easily reviewed. And using a feature rich solution such as Infortel Select, management can get granular with employee behavior. Offering insight in call activity, productivity statistics, call duration, collect abandoned caller information and more. 

Over time, agents truly attempting to improve, will. And performance will reflect positive results. The cold hard truth is we are not all cut out for a gig in customer service, or a contact center for that matter, but those that can always answer the phone with a smile, act in accordance with company policy while servicing customer and put the effort in to regularly improve, are those that soar in a customer service setting.

What workforce optimization solution is in your contact center? Shouldn’t every interaction be a quality interaction?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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