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ISI Telemanagement Touts the Benefits of MRA

February 20, 2018

Virtual Private Networks are a double-edged sword for mobile users. On the up side, they allow for secure connections. But, on the down side, they can quickly drain your battery and up your data usage. A better solution, ISI Telemanagement Solutions (News - Alert) suggests, is Mobile Remote Access.

An MRA helps reduce the data use associated by VPN use on mobile devices. And it allows for VPN-less access for Jabber clients.

“MRA allows Jabber clients outside the enterprise to use instant messaging and presence services, make voice and video calls, search corporate directories, share content, web conference, and access visual voicemail,” ISI Telemanagement explains. “With MRA, you have secure access to Jabber with the personal data kept separate. And employee-owned devices do not require the entire device and its contents be secure.”

MRA also allows for simpler deployments and better user experiences. And with MRA companies don’t have to troubleshoot and train users on how to use VPN.

“Although the ability to capture interactions over MRA streamlines communication efforts of your workforce, the risk for non-compliance of corporate or federal laws still exists,” ISI Telemanagement adds. “For this very reason, it is critical that you ensure that these interactions taking place over IM, voice, or video continue to get captured, especially from teams remotely accessing the network. Additionally, the ability to capture interactions of [the] mobile workforce can provide visibility into areas of improvement and ability to train others on best practices.”

The company goes on to suggest that the bring-your-own-device trend that helped create the need for MRA and VPNs is part of the larger digital transformation movement. It all points to the fact that people are now connected all the time, and that every business is now a digital business.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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