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ISI Unveils Call Accounting Enhancements

February 22, 2018

Call accounting can be murky waters for those not properly equipped. From IM archiving to fit in compliance plans, to traffic analysis and contact center dashboards; and we’ve simply scratched the surface. Equip your organization well, and reap the rewards.

This week, ISI (News - Alert) released Service Pack 6530 for Infortel Select Version 10.0, continuing a robust tradition of call accounting solutions to aid in your company’s efforts toward increased efficiency, profitability and productivity.

Let’s run through the highlights. Greater administrative flexibility allows users to delete Hunt Groups even when call records are present under certain circumstances. Enhancement to call exploration capabilities allows a greatly improved ability to pinpoint specific call events.

Advanced purging options enable the ability to target specific items like empty organizational units or inactive objects. A new master menu provides access to a robust reporting library of more than 100 pre-defined reports and templates organized by business need, enabling user friendly access to the desired report.

Two additional key additions include enhancements to UCCX reporting and traffic analysis. New reporting capabilities deliver interval based agent, queue and contact center metrics to offer the information required to improve the caller experience as well as agent performance. Traffic analysis brings concurrency statistics to the table, leading to appropriate staffing and add insight to peak busy hour traffic for the organization in addition to trunk facilities.

Don’t enter the call accounting seas without a life vest. A robust solution will offer an organization the peace of mind of compliance, while also optimizing organizational efficiency.

What call accounting solution does your business have in place?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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