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Call Reporting Solutions Prevent Missed Opportunities

March 22, 2018

Banking and financial services are high-stakes businesses. There’s lots of competition in the marketplace for investors. So, businesses in this space spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing.

When financial organizations are able to attract investors, they want to serve them well. Sometimes. However, customers and prospects reaching out to call centers drop off before agents can answer, and some sources suggest that 85 percent of people whose calls are not answered don’t call back. That can potentially lead to lost opportunities and even lost customers.

“Around 70 percent of people will stop dealing with a firm whose customer service is not up to scratch and more than 60 percent will go on to do business with a rival company,” says aircall. “Unless you are running a physical retail outlet, the vast majority of your customer service functionality will involve making and receiving telephone calls. It is for this reason that you need to ensure no calls are left unanswered.”

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Call reporting solutions can show businesses what calls they missed, when, and from what numbers. That can enable them to use caller ID information to identify who called. So, when high-value investors or prospects hang up before they receive service, organizations can call back, providing the financial services organization to mention they saw the call and offer to help.

“We find that satisfaction with product offerings is a primary driver of overall customer satisfaction. The quality of customer service with respect to financial statements and services provided through different channels of delivery, such as information technology enabled call centers and traditional branch offices, are also important in determining overall satisfaction,” says ResearchGate.

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