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PCI Non-Compliance Can Cost You

April 04, 2018

The recent Facebook user data controversy and the revelation that Amazon Echo and Google (News - Alert) Home devices are always listening highlight the fact that personal privacy and customer data security is being chipping away at as technology continues its advance. How that all plays out – and whether any robust measures are put in place to address such situations – remains to be seen.

However, personal privacy is already being addressed within call center environments. That’s good for consumers. But it does create challenges for organizations running those call centers.

On the upside, there are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards in place, so there is relatively clear guidance on what call centers need to do to comply. PCI lays out what organizations like call centers need to do to maintain the privacy of cardholder data related to credit card transactions. It is a measure to help secure card numbers, CVV codes, the expiration date of user credit card, and more when cardholders make purchases.

But as new risks and technologies arise, PCI (News - Alert) evolves; requiring businesses to evolve PCI policies and processes too.

Those organizations found to be non-compliant face big fines. They can range from $5,000 into fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That’s not to mention that companies found to be non-compliant, and/or that suffer a breach, may face bad publicity and loss of business and reputation, customer lawsuits, payment partner lawsuits, and termination of bank and payment processor relationships.

To avoid these kinds of problems, call centers need to create clear policy and procedures that are easy to follow. And they should train their managers and agents on these practices.

Organizations also need to be sure to keep their documents spelling out policy and procedures current. Such documents can be important evidence illustrating their compliance. So if include document updates to your call center workflow to make sure this job is not overlooked. There are also companies that help call centers and other organizations assess their compliance and improve their standing in this realm.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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