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May 03, 2018

Customer interactions gone wrong can have far-reaching effects on a business.

You may remember the little ditty that rocketed Canadian musician Dave Carroll to temporary stardom. It was titled “United Breaks Guitars,” and he wrote it after his instrument was broken during his United Airlines flight. And millions of people have watched the video.

However, you may not have heard the story of Scarlett Watts.

According to an ABC report, this Florida woman was a few days late making her mortgage payment. But instead of getting a friendly reminder from the company, a debt collector contacted her, and later texted her a string of obscene messages. She is suing, and her attorney plans to subpoena the phone records to find the source of those texts.

These cautionary tales illustrate why businesses always need to treat customers – and their valuables – with care. And they should monitor employee and contractor interactions with customers and prospects to ensure that those workers are in compliance with company and legal requirements and best practices. Call accounting solutions can help organizations with this important and complex task.

Call accounting and reporting solutions capture call detail records from communications systems. Those systems may include anything from a hosted service to an on-premises PBX (News - Alert) to a conferencing service. These solutions use CDRs to create reports on employee activity, and telecom costs and usage.

As a result, organizations can see what departments and individuals are using which services and when. That means they can more easily spot abuse and misuse of communications services and solutions. So they can take steps to eliminate abuse and offer guidance on how to better use them.

Edited by Maurice Nagle