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How to Save on Your Telecom Costs

July 03, 2018

Most people, particularly business owners, like to save money. And telecommunications services are one key area where they can find savings. Exactly what kind of savings you stand to realize from telecom expense management solutions depends upon who you are, what you use, and how you use it.

But whatever the case, ISI (News - Alert) Telemanagement Solutions says its Infortel Select product suite will deliver significant telecommunications cost savings. The suite includes an area code exchange summary, concurrent call analysis, guidance on how to optimize spending, an invoice manager, a jurisdiction summary report, a telecom audit, traffic analysis, and wireless cost analysis.

The Jurisdiction Summary Report helps organizations analyze and plan trunk resources. It breaks down traffic metrics into local, long-distance, and international subsets. It can assist in carrier bill reconciliation. And it helps identify routing issues and overflow.

Infortel’s Concurrent Call Analysis helps businesses understand how many people are using the phone at any on time. That allows organizations to identify peak hours of usage. And they’ll know how much SIP trunking capacity they’ll need to plan for and when. Traffic Analysis from ISI Telemanagement also provides intelligence to help businesses understand if they need more or have too much trunk capacity. 

The area code exchange summary, meanwhile, can help organizations detect fraud and misuse. That can go a long way in mitigating the problem of unauthorized users and lowering company costs.

ISI also offers Telecom Audit and Optimization. This spots billing errors. And it offers suggestions on how organizations can eliminate unneeded telecom services, and thus costs. The Infortel Invoice Manager is a managed service solution that allows organizations to outsource the job of reviewing telecom invoices and addressing related disputes.

And since companies increasingly rely on wireless communications, that company offers Infortel Wireless Management. “Our Enhanced Wireless Services typically yield a savings of 15 to 25 percent,” ISI Telemanagement says. “Achieving these savings requires very little time on your part….”

Edited by Maurice Nagle