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Global Retailer Realizes Results with Verint WFM

September 04, 2018

While I’m not an interior decorator, I can still recognize when a certain piece of furniture ties a room together. Like all other points of commerce, the cloud is making its presence felt in a big way. When an international furniture retailer was in need of employee engagement improvement along with enhanced contact center performance, the cloud was an easy answer.

A top global furniture retailer selected Verint’s (News - Alert) cloud workforce management (WFM) solutions to unify operations, cut costs and deliver employees a better experience. The scalable, feature-rich and future forward platform is proving transformative to operations.

Employees gain the benefit of a user-friendly application, which promises the global retailer a tool to bring the team together. Spanning the globe is just a day in the cloud, and with the Verint WFM platform place the team receives a boost that will translate into the company attaining goals for today, and gain an advantage in hurling the bar set for tomorrow.  

“More customers are opting for customer engagement in the cloud, and Verint is committed to providing our solutions in whatever deployment model works best for our customers as they look to modernize their customer engagement operations,” says Verint’s President, Elan Moriah.

The contact center is a complex array of people, processes and technology. If components aren’t working in the concert, this lack of synergy is a sign of struggle ahead. So whether you’re selling a sectional to a world renowned designer or widgets from a factory in fantasyland workforce management solutions lend to optimal results.

What WFM is in your contact center?

Edited by Maurice Nagle