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Examine Processes to Improve Conversion, CX

September 05, 2018

You’ve probably heard this saying: You have to love yourself before you love someone else. Well, the same is true of companies and their customers.

Showing customers love by providing them with great products and service starts as an inside job. Businesses need to create the policies and processes that enable great customer experiences. They also must eliminate the silos between different departments that can be a barrier to frictionless and unified customer experiences.

A key area of focus as organizations set out to do all that should be removing friction from their processes – particularly their purchasing process.

To do that, organizations should review their process. That should include purchasing something yourself to see what works and what does not. Ask your team members and friends and family to go through the purchasing process and get their feedback on how things might be improved. While you’re at it, revisit your terms and conditions to make sure they’re accurate and won’t act as a barrier. And make sure it’s fast and easy for customers and prospects to find the answers and people they need if they run into issues or questions while they’re trying to buy and engage.

“There are really three things that we look at as key to transforming service interaction: connectivity to serviced things, context, and frictionless engagement,” said Mike Sale, director of online engagement with Avaya (News - Alert) said last year as the company was launching Avaya Oceana. He added “we’re focused first on automation technologies to greatly enhance the customer experience and gain insight into the customer journey. Once we know the product, the conversation, and the customer journey, we use Oceana’s attribute-based matching to bring the right people and content to the engagement.”

Providing customers with choices is also a great way to enable better customer experiences. Offering customers multiple, easy-to-use payment options drives conversion. And allow customers to reach out and work with your business to get service can drive engagement.

Edited by Maurice Nagle