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'The Robots Are Ready'

September 19, 2018

Automation and intelligence enabled by technologies like AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic processing automation are changing what’s possible in contact centers and other customer service disciplines.

They can allow organizations to offload repetitive tasks to policy-based automated systems. They can enable contact centers to do more efficient and objective quality management and speech analytics. And they can support predictive analytics to give businesses a better idea about which customers are likely to churn and when, what individuals are the best prospects to buy and when and why, and more.

“A key ingredient for success is to treat automation as a business transformation, in order to achieve scale, stability and ultimately long-term business value,”

This kind of thing may sound futuristic, but as the July 2018 white paper “The Future of Operations – Beyond Process Automation,” explains, “the robots are ready.” Deloitte (News - Alert) Israel and NICE Advanced Process Automation Solutions teamed up to produce the paper and the research on which it’s based.

That research indicates 53 percent of those surveyed already have begun their robotic process automation journeys. And it says that’s likely to grow to 72 percent
by 2020. If this trend continues, Deloitte says, we could see universal adoption of RPA in five years.

So what exactly is robotic automation? And what are machine learning, natural language processing, ad some other related terms that we’re lately?

NICE and Deloitte offer up these definitions:

• A chatbot allows robots to communicate using text or voice.

• Machine learning allows a computer to learn, improve, and make choices.

• Natural language processing allows robots to listen.

• Robotic automation is what happens when robots executive basic, repetitive tasks.

The Future of Work Expo, in which NICE will participate, will address what’s happening, what can happen, and what’s likely to happen with AI, chatbots, ML, NLP, and robotic process automation. This TMC (News - Alert) event will take place Jan. 30-Feb. 1 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. We encourage you to explore The Future of Work Expo website to check out the agenda, peruse the speaker lineup, learn about sponsorship and speaking opportunities, and to register to attend

Edited by Maurice Nagle