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Verint Announces Expanded Compliance Partner Program

October 25, 2018

Compliance is nothing to take lightly, especially when it comes to financial services providers. The complexity of meeting rigorous compliance requirements is nothing to shake a stick at, demanding a robust solution capable of supporting this heavily regulated landscape.

Verint (News - Alert) announced expansion of its Financial Compliance Partner Program, augmenting an ecosystem offering solutions meeting the needs of an industry with lofty compliance regulations.

The Verint financial compliance portfolio provides proactive compliance measures, an open approach to integration and automated operational verification. The newly released products are able to capture communications and data across all communications channels.

From Dodd-Frank and MiFID II, to MAD II / MAR, the regulatory rules are comprehensive and can prove quite costly for those financial services providers not taking the proper precautionary measures.  

“According to research by Business at OECD and the International Federation of Accountants (February 2018), complying with the multiplicity of laws and regulations governing financial transactions costs the industry 5-10 percent of annual sales and consumes scarce senior management time. It is time for financial institutions to modernize and automate their compliance processes. Verint has a long history in developing holistic solutions to complex business problems, and the Compliance Partner Program is an illustration of Verint’s commitment to help compliance leaders find innovative solutions that will help them meet regulatory requirements while gaining strategic advantage,” says Dick Bucci, Principal, Pelorus Associates.

Customer service is something all businesses place prominently on the totem pole of priorities. Crucial to success in this realm is compliance, and organizations doing due diligence are reaping the reward.

What does your compliance plan look like?

Edited by Maurice Nagle