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Call Accounting

ISI's call accounting tools have a practical application in the healthcare field.


Call Accounting

Telecommunications is one potential area of savings within government that is ripe for exploration.


Call Accounting

Customers don't consider the contact center and the retail space to be separate places when it comes to their …


Call Accounting

The proper use of call accounting systems can deliver great value, and even in accounting firms, that's the case.


Call Accounting

High telecom bills are often the plague of modern business, particularly when the bills are accompanied by sub-standard quality …


Call Accounting

For European firms, or firms operating in Europe, new changes in MiFID II prompt new looks at call accounting and …


Call Accounting

By identifying the factors that lead to high turnover, monitoring them and offering incentives for performance, companies can lower their …


Call Accounting

ISI will be presenting about the importance of call accounting services at Cisco Live next month.


Call Accounting

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model offers a number of advantages for startup companies looking for all the …


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Avaya - CDR Collection Via Enterprise Survivable Server
Over two and a half decades ago, Avaya's switches first began producing CDR (Call Detail Record or Call Detail Recording) data. At that time, all CDR records were delivered in a single format via a ...
Reconciling Carrier Bills Using Infortel Select
To maintain contact with your customers as well as keep everyday business operations up-to-date and running, you depend on the telephone ...
Skype for Business
Skype for Business Server ushers in a new, complete Unified Communications (UC) product that transforms every enterprise communication - voice, instant messaging, conferencing, application sharing, remote access, response group service and presence - into a user experience that is more collaborative, engaging and accessible than ever before. Companies of all sizes are implementing Skype for Business as an easy-to-use, consistent and known ...
Case Studies
Riverside Medical Center
Riverside Medical Center Leverages Call Analytics from ISI to Help Transition their Network from legacy PBX to VoIP and to Monitor Communications Activity Riverside Medical Center ...
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
The University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff (UAPB) prides itself on being a forward- thinking and problem solving university. From its humble beginnings of seven students in 1873, to its current enrollemtn of 3,000, UAPB offers unique career choices to the nation's youth ...
Nationwide Security Provider
Bringing the ability to utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the fullest of its ability in conjunction with unified communication clients ...
Grant Thorton
Grant Thornton realized $166, 000 of first-year cost savings - a 17% decrease in its local service costs in less than six months ...
Carrier Bill Reconciliation
Are you catching the errors? At ISI, we realize the sheer complexity of your phone bills can be overwhelming. They are difficult to read and complicated to understand ...
Infortel Select with UCCX Reporting Option
Infortel Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) Reporting is an option that may be added to an Infortel Select UC reporting solution to ...
Infortel Select 10 - Do MORE than just record calls. Manage your Unified Communication
It's no longer just about call costs. It's not that call accounting is old fashioned...it's just evolved ...
Vertical Solutions - Professional Service Firms
While most professional service firms are experiencing a decline in their per-minute prices for communication services ...

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