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Why Consultants Need Call Accounting

August 06, 2014

Call accounting and telecom expense management (TEM) are useful tools for most medium to large businesses, both as a way to keep telecom spend in check and also to record sensitive calls that could come under scrutiny. But large enterprises aren’t the only candidates for call accounting and TEM. Many industries can benefit from the technology, including the consulting industry.

The usefulness of call accounting is particularly pronounced for consulting firms.

Since many consulting firms are made up of independent contractors, call accounting can help keep track of billable hours and track telecom expenses. A good call accounting platform will have a variety of reporting options that seamlessly integrate with billing systems and track calls individually, by department, or by organization.

The value of recording calls, a feature with good call accounting platforms, also is useful for the consulting industry. Whether the firm needs to record sensitive conversations with clients or revisit archived interviews at a moment’s notice, a good call accounting solution can keep track of telephone-based interactions whether the phone is a landline or mobile device. The value of audit protection through recording should not be underestimated.

It also is useful for consulting firms to be able to audit their telecom expenses, a cost that can be particularly high among phone-focused consultants if not properly managed. Call accounting solutions such as ISI’s (News - Alert) Telecom Audit service can provide a simple, quick way for consulting firms to get a snapshot of their telecommunications expenses. ISI analyzes a company's telecommunications expenses at no cost, and provides analysis and an itemized report identifying areas that will provide potential cost-savings.

Managing the bevvy of devices that consultants now often need to juggle also can be aided by call accounting. ISI, for instance, offers its Enhanced Wireless Service, which provides organizations a way to manage the devices they provide their employees and helps optimize rate plans according to situations.

The Enhanced Wireless Service works by flagging abnormalities in calling patterns, which are calculated on a three-month average to discover calling trends. Unified reporting across carriers produces one easy-to-work-with invoice, and consulting firms will have the ability to manage the devices they provide their employees for reduced telecom spend.

So while most industries can benefit from call accounting and telecom expense management, this is particularly for case with the consulting industry.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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