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Don't Be Blinded by Contact Center Operations - Gain the Visibility You Need for Success

April 20, 2016

In the contact center industry, it’s up to management and staff to ensure that each customer, regardless of the channel used for interaction, receives the intended experience. That means a seamless experience whether the customer leaves a comment on a social media channel, sends an email or launches a web chat. If the customer is making a live call, a whole other set of tools comes into play to ensure little to no wait time, the right agent takes the call and resolution is swift.

When agents are truly busy and assisting other customers, native call queuing can make a big difference in the way calls are managed. The feature is built inside the CUCM and queues calls natively. As it utilizes the same CUCM hunting structure that contact centers have been using for years, giving a sense of familiarity while also reaping the benefits. To get a better understanding of what these benefits mean for the contact center, let’s take a look at a recent blog by call accounting solution provider, ISI Telemanagement Solutions (ISI).

Native call queuing is delivered in the Cisco (News - Alert) Business Edition 6000 telephony platform, designed to pay for itself through a lower total cost of ownership and future growth positioning. Essential business deployment functions available are designed to accommodate as many as 1,000 users in collaboration, while also scaling for future transition when a more advanced Cisco platform is needed.

By leveraging the Cisco platform, companies that need robust call accounting can rely on ISI’s (News - Alert) Infortel Select. This solution allows for visibility into business operations, providing access to reporting functions that provide insight into traffic capacity and telecom usage patterns. That includes native call queuing and reporting, Jabber capability to enhance compliance and customer experience metrics to keep a firm focus on productivity and quality assurance.

For recording purposes, the user’s collaboration activities are enhanced through instant message, video, voice and screen-capture with the collaboration recording solution. This approach ensures interactions are captured and archived in a searchable database. The metrics then made available provide a mature picture of business development which can then be used to leverage the company’s ecosystem to lower costs, improve training and optimize the customer experience.

Whether you’re on the road to an improve customer experience or simply want to create a more efficient environment, there may be benefits worth exploring with the Cisco platform from an operational and call accounting perspective. If you’re not ready for the larger, infrastructure-heavy deployment, this may be a good place to start.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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