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AT&T Opines on the Four Key Attributes of a Successful UC Deployment

July 12, 2016

There are four key attributes to keep in mind in implementing a unified communications solution, according to a recent AT&T (News - Alert) blog by Scott Koegler. That includes putting in place an environment that is flexible, creating a shared mental space, having collaborative technology and allowing for documented discussions.

By a flexible environment, AT&T is referring to the idea that true unified communications allows users to switch seamlessly among different communication modes.

“Chat, email, file sharing, and other collaboration facilities provide adequate channels to work together,” writes Koegler. “However, connecting those channels and other utilities into a UC environment creates a product that is greater than its individual parts.”

Increasingly, knowledge workers do their jobs while at home and at other remote locations like airports, branch offices, hotels and restaurants. The good news is that allows for greater worker flexibility, and enables businesses to get more productivity out of employees while lowering their real estate costs on office space. However, the down side is that team members can begin to feel disconnected from the larger group. The good news, AT&T suggests, is that UC can bring people together in real time via video so they feel like they’re in the same room.

Of course, videoconferencing is just one example of a collaborative technology. Collaborative technology also can enable people to remotely work on documents or other media.

“Screen sharing and simultaneous document editing deliver different but important ways to elevate the collaborative experience beyond simply sitting alongside another worker,” said Koegler. “The addition of video and voice collaboration to live editing should become part of the UC implementation.”

Keeping records of all these communications is a good way to bring people who were unable to attend meetings in real time up to date. Recording can also be paired with transcription services to produce written records of such interactions.

Edited by Alicia Young

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