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Call Accounting Software Improves Call Centers

August 14, 2017

Getting the maximum value out of a call center takes work. But using call accounting, reporting, and analytics software can make that work a whole lot easier. And it can deliver wide-ranging benefits.

So says Reza Mousvai, founder and CEO at PBXDom, in a recent blog.

“Call reporting is not just about documenting the various factorials of calls made,” he says. “Call reporting needs to be assessed as well. That’s what call accounting or call auditing is all about. While your in-house compliance assurance team or quality control department can work on the veracity of the calls, let the call accounting software do the data crunching to get you facts that can help you to understand employee productivity.”

Call accounting software allows senior management to monitor employee performance and productivity, identify potential problems, and work on areas in need of improvement.

This software records calls so organizations can rely on actual calls that provide the full story of what went on as opposed to piecemeal information such as itemized bills or reports from automated or predictive dialers, Mousvai adds.

It also can be used to show when calls drop due to answering machines, hang ups, or no answers. And it can help reveal trends and help organizations avoid dialing numbers with those issues or reaching those numbers at less than ideal times.

Additionally, the software can deliver details on average call resolution time, measure customer satisfaction levels, and provide other insights.

“By using a smart Call Management System of Call Analytics (News - Alert),” he adds in a separate blog, “you can analyze all the calls more practically and professionally. You can define several numbers of certain purposes for your project and the smart Call Management System, after detection and categorization, starts generating reports to meet the defined criteria. Then it provides you with a list of analyses and suggests you how you can make use of this information to promote your business. You will have access to the reports and information anytime along the progress of the project.

“As a result, and with the help of a platform,” he continues, “you will be provided with the most current telecom peak hours traffic, which you can use to have the opportunity of optimization. For example, this information might completely change methods of answering the calls, as opposed to reducing the calls costs.”

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