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Call Accounting Can Revive Retail Operations

January 24, 2018

The holiday shopping season may be in the rearview mirror, but call accounting has much to offer the retail space in order to aid in operational efficiency and for effective sales efforts. Customers engage businesses via various channels, with the phone holding strong as a tried and true method. And by implementing a sound call accounting strategy year round a retail business can build on reporting insight. Let’s take a look a few ways retailers can benefit.

A metric coming into focus for retail is abandoned calls. With a robust call accounting solution in place an organization can gain visibility into ring-time summaries, ring-time detail as well as daily or weekly metrics to measure responsiveness when answering the phone. Instead of losing this prospective customer, the solution will also capture the caller’s information in order to attempt to reconnect with the abandoned caller. In addition, reporting enables more efficient staffing to support the ebbs and flows of traffic.

Customers never call a business to shoot the breeze, there is always a purpose. So, it is critical for businesses to deliver service in the most rapid and effective way possible. By tracking transferred calls, a retail operation can promise that not only is each department properly equipped with man (or woman)-power, but that each caller is routed to the appropriate destination and aren’t faced with the annoyance of a dropped call accompanied by the frustrating need to call back.

From a cost perspective, many retailers possess multiple locations that leverage a central phone system. A call accounting solution will aid in delineating cost across location to ensure proper billing to each satellite. By illustrating the pertinent call data – dates, times, durations, digits dialed, cost, etc – retailers can accurately forecast for cost and more efficiently spend.

Retailers are faced with enough hurdles and heavy lifting that call accounting solutions are more than willing to help with the load.

Is call accounting working for your business?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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